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2010 – New Release Shares Author’s Memories of Tumultous Times in American History

A Sixties Story

is released by author Toni Apicelli

Toni Apicelli was raised in quiet north side Chicago neighborhood and was a popular high school cheerleader in the early 1960s. As the 1960’s ushered in the civil rights movement, she found herself questioning the status quo around her and becoming more involved in the burgeoning protests. She, like many others of her time, felt betrayed by the dishonesty of the government and turned to the counterculture movement as a way to make the world a better place.

While Apicelli experimented with less addictive drugs, her younger sister Teri became addicted to heroin. Apicelli moved and traveled around the country, working for a short time with the newly formed VISTA in the deep south, protesting at the infamous 1968 Democratic National Convention, temping and living in Washington D.C, New York and beautiful Southern California. While Apicelli eventually landed on her feet, her younger sister was not as fortunate.

A Sixties Story is a thoughtful portrayal of the confusion and craziness of the 1960s through the eyes of a young woman who wanted the world around her to make sense. It is beautifully written, and the author’s frustration and anger at the status quo come through loud and clear. Toni Apicelli is a writer, editor, and proofreader living in Chicago with her husband of ten years. She earned her BA in California, and her MA in Writing from DePaul University in Chicago in 1998.

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A Sixties Story
Toni Apicelli
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ISBN: 978-160844-564-6
164 pages

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For those born in the late forties, the sixties were a coming of age time. Toni had just entered her teens in 1960 when John Kennedy was elected president. Raised in the uptight fifties when conformity was the rule, her generation was the first-born of the “baby boomers.” They saw the civil rights movement unfold on the TV news and discovered an America very different from the one with freedom and justice for all they had learned about in school. Many were angry about being lied to and angry with what was happening in the world.

They joined a movement of people who believed strongly in similar values. They wanted the U.S. to live up to its promise of freedom and justice for all, and to support democracies, not dictatorships around the world. They wanted fewer rules about lifestyle, less materialism and a life more harmony with nature. Many protested. Status quo America answered with police and National Guard troops wielding, billy clubs, tear gas, fire hoses, dogs and at Kent State, guns. Four were killed. It was a tumultuous time of riots, demonstrations, and assassinations that made the U.S. look like a war zone.

Toni’s sixties story is of her journey from being a popular high school cheerleader to being a political activist and an active participator in many of the scenes swirling around at the time. She was a naive 15-year-old when President John Kennedy was assassinated. In high school she joined SNCC (the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee).

After high school she began an odyssey through the counterculture that for the next ten years took her from the Midwest to the east and west coasts, where she lived in DC, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. There were many stops along the way, among them a brief stint in Vista in the south, protesting at the ’68 Democratic Convention in Chicago, living briefly in a Redwood stump, and traveling through Mexico and up the west coast.

The counterculture was a loose coalition of similar ideas and beliefs. It created its own world of businesses, newspapers, radio stations, and music. The Diggers, hippies, politicos, yippies, the traditional left, SNCC, CORE, SDS, rock stars, artists, writers, priests, teachers, scientists, professors, street people, students and many more were all part of it. It spawned the Civil Rights movement, the Free Speech Movement, the Anti-War movement, the Women’s Liberation Movement, the Sexual Revolution, an international peace movement for human rights and more.

It was an exciting, confusing, carefree, rebellious and thoughtful time. Toni set out to experience of much of it as she could. This is her well-told remembrance.