About the Author

Toni’s first ten years were nomadic, traveling the country at first with her father, mother and sister. She was six when her parents divorced. Then it was just her mother and sister. When she was ten they settled in Chicago in a neighborhood that was safe and had good schools. During the sixties and early seventies, she lived in both the “straight” and counterculture worlds. In high school she was a cheerleader and political activist, after high school she was a mostly temp worker or working student with a secret counterculture life.

After getting her B.A. in California, she returned to Chicago. She had various business jobs and is now a writer, editor and proofreader. She lives happily on a tree-shaded street with her wonderful husband, who she’s been with the last ten years. She is active politically, as she says, “mostly when I am yelling at the TV, donating money, or being an Internet activist.”

A note from Toni:

I wouldn’t trade my years in the sixties and early seventies. It was a passionate adventure filled with experiences—some great and some terrible—that taught me what I needed to know and face about the world. We experimented with lifestyles filled with freedom. Politics, sex, drugs and a totally different way of being were all set to a music soundtrack that mirrored our lives. We traveled our own roads together into largely unknown territory, making decisions about how we wanted to be and live based on what we were experiencing.

It wasn’t easy going from a naïve innocent belief in peace, love and good vibes to the doubt, skepticism, anger, and frustration of trying to make the world a better place. Age has given me more patience only because now I understand how long it takes to effect change, how hard it is to do, and how fragile any change is. I am more certain than ever that it is worth the struggle. We have come a long way. There is still a long way to go.