For those born in the late forties, the sixties were a coming of age time. Toni had just entered her teens in 1960 when John Kennedy was elected president. Raised in the uptight fifties when conformity was the rule, her generation was the first-born of the “baby boomers.” They saw the civil rights movement unfold on the TV news and discovered an America very different from the one with freedom and justice for all they had learned about in school. Many were angry about being lied to and angry with what was happening in the world. Read more

About Toni Apicelli

Toni’s first ten years were nomadic, traveling the country at first with her father, mother and sister. She was six when her parents divorced. Then it was just her mother and sister. When she was ten they settled in Chicago in a neighborhood that was safe and had good schools. During the sixties and early seventies, she lived in both the “straight” and counterculture worlds.

They joined a movement of people who believed strongly in similar values. They wanted the U.S. to live up to its promise of freedom and justice for all, and to support democracies, not dictatorships around the world. They wanted fewer rules about lifestyle, less materialism and a life more harmony with nature. Read more

Excerpt from the Book

I was gasping and choking and running as fast as I could from the police in full riot gear chasing us. I was terrified of falling behind.
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